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Streamline Technical Training

Updated: Feb 14, 2019


Streamline Technical Training

A leading telecom company needed to reduce the cost of educating PBX technicians. Its five one-week sessions spread over two years were too great a draw on critical company resources.


Develop Blended Learning Program

To streamline technical training, Chatfield consultants took a blended learning approach to the design and development of new courseware. The company’s new curriculum included mentoring, on-the-job activities, self-paced assignments, job aids, and computer-based instruction as well as team discussions, tests, and a one-week facilitated workshop to create a cohesive and effective training program.

The bottom-line impact: The revamped training program achieved a $500,000 reduction in annual travel expenses and created $125,000 in new revenue on top of a 400% return on investment.

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