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Retain Key Talent While Building Bench Strength

Updated: Jul 31


Retain Key Talent While Building Bench Strength

Historically, turnover was largely a non-issue for the regional branch of a prestigious federal agency employing nearly 500 scientists, engineers, economists, and other highly skilled professionals. Today, however, the agency faces major talent shortages due to an aging workforce.


Develop Customized HR Planning Process to Address Recruitment & Retention

To address the prospect of significant staff shortages in the future, Chatfield Global LLC developed a customized HR Planning Process designed to strengthen the agency’s recruitment and retention efforts.

The project included the development of a customized competency model, management training, and training of a facilitation team to implement an organization-wide talent-assessment process.

Within 6 months, the agency deployed the talent assessment process through the "train the trainer" facilitator team model and was actively implementing an updated acquisition strategy to attract new talent.

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