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Reposition General-Interst Business Magazine

Updated: Feb 14, 2019


Reposition General-Interest Business Magazine

A major professional organization concluded that its flagship magazine needed to be revamped in order to be more relevant to senior management readers.

The organization, which serves an international marketplace, also sought to set the magazine apart from competitive publications.


Create Forum for the Exchange of Strategic Insights

To differentiate the magazine and strengthen its value to readers, the Chatfield Group recommended that the organization reposition the magazine as a strategic forum posing difficult questions and addressing critical issues.

By creating a new vehicle for serious discussion, debate and analysis, we suggested, the organization would create a valued resource to help companies achieve sustainable competitive advantage and maximize shareholder value. The organization’s senior management and board of directors agreed with our thinking and adopted our recommendation.

The Chatfield Group partnered with the organization to reposition the magazine. We revised the thrust of the publication to focus on corporate and line-of-business strategies featuring insights from industry leaders and experts. And we developed a compelling new name for the magazine as well as a refreshing new format with strong visual appeal.

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