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Reinvigorate Corporate Sales

Updated: Feb 14, 2019


Reinvigorate Corporate Sales

A large multinational corporation was struggling to adapt its 75-year-old sales process to changing market conditions. Sales were stagnant, largely due to difficulty attracting new customers.


Rigorous Sales Certification Program

To reinvigorate its sales department, the company needed to make a seismic shift in its approach to sales. To facilitate this needed change, the Chatfield Group developed a new, customer-centric approach to sales that took the form of a redesigned Sales Certification program centered on five key components: Territory Management, Business Development, Presentation Excellence, Performance Management, and People Development. By focusing on these five components, and by constantly challenging salespeople to meet and exceed customer expectations, the company was able to increase market share through targeted “go-to-market” sales activities.

Through consultation with management, and by conducting focus groups, process mapping, train-the-trainer sessions, and emotional intelligence (EQ) workshops, Chatfield consultants were able to initiate change throughout the multinational sales force. At the conclusion of the engagement, the client recognized a 53% increase in average sales, a 30% increase in close rate, and a 31% increase in product mix.

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