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Outsourcing HR Services

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

In today's economy, finding new ways to cut costs and work smarter has become a matter of survival. By outsourcing all or part of your HR activities, you can focus more effectively on your core business objectives while gaining as-needed access to HR experts who can provide an immediate impact. It's a winning strategy.

Since 1994, The Chatfield Group has been providing outsourced HR services to large and small organizations alike. These engagements have ranged from national training roll-outs to full outsourcing of HR functions.

By working with our HR, OD and communications experts, you can: Align talent with business needs and identify resource gaps or duplicationsRethink your compensation strategies to address today's economic realitiesReorganize your operations to reduce costs and retain valued talentDevelop new strategies to engage and retain surviving employeesEngage employees to improve work processes and productivity Realign goals and reporting structures to satisfy stakeholder needsStreamline hiring by using online assessmentsDevelop clear, consistent change messagingMeasure the effectiveness and strategic value of your HR programs If your management is in transition, we can also step in to manage your HR function. In recent years, our consultants have worn a number of interim hats - from "Acting" Director of HR to Director of Compensation and Benefits, Director of Staffing and Development, and Manager of Employment. Typically, such assignments range from 1-2 days per week to a full-time commitment extending 3-6 months. In addition, we can provide "SWAT" teams to help you deal with mergers or downsizing.

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