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Create State-of-the-Art Website

Updated: Feb 14, 2019


Create State-of-the-Art Website to Attract Rental & Real Estate Prospects

A leading real estate company operating in a major metro market needed to totally revamp its website in order to compete more effectively. It also needed a new graphic identity.


Develop Advanced, Interactive Website with Appealing Graphics

As part of a comprehensive rebranding initiative, The Chatfield Group designed a technologically advanced transactional website featuring strong graphics, fresh photography and multiple interactive functions. With its new website, the company can showcase apartments for rent, homes for sale and community information in addition to company policies and procedures.

By employing SQL, ASP.NET, CSS-P and Adobe Flash technologies in website development, The Chatfield Group created a robust technology platform that enables the company to share a wealth of information in a highly organized, easy-to-understand manner. We also added interactive functionality, including mapping and social-networking widgets, to enhance the visitor experience. And we developed a database management system as well as administrative and technical guidelines to facilitate updating by the company’s in-house staff.

In our broader branding engagement with the company, The Chatfield Group developed new visual identity guidelines for the firm and new digital artwork for implementing the new brand consistently across diverse media and consumer touch-points.

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