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Broaden Talent Pool

Updated: Feb 14, 2019


Broaden Talent Pool

A large consulting firm faced intense competition for the top-caliber hires it needed to preserve its position as a premier consultancy. Internal development and peer-group hiring alone were failing to fill the hiring pipeline.

The firm needed to reach out to candidates from industry. It also needed a reliable method for assessing capabilities needed to be implemented fast.


Train Hiring Managers with Competency-Based Selection & Assessment Model

In a series of three-day workshops, The Chatfield Group taught the consulting firm’s U.S.-based hiring managers how to evaluate candidates using a sophisticated competency-based assessment model.

The Chatfield Group assembled a team of experts in assessment, training and competency-based selection processes to conduct the workshops, which included behavioral interviewing techniques and practice interviews as well as videotaped feedback.

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