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MMA Hiring Solutions, Powered by Chatfield Global

Chatfield Global LLC and the Michigan Manufacturing Association have joined forces to assist their members in finding the necessary skilled workforce in a highly competitive labor market. 


MMA Hiring Solutions facilitates easy job posting and resume collection through the all-in-one dashboard provided by the Prevue APS Pro Applicant Tracking System. MMA members are eligible for an exclusive discount on this system, which includes the following benefits:

A custom-branded career site that integrates seamlessly with your website

Ability to simultaneously post your jobs to hundreds of the top free and paid job boards around the world

A simple and intuitive application process, helping to reduce candidate abandonment

Robust screening features that help reduce
time to hire

A single dashboard where you’ll find applicants, screening,
pre-employment test scores, and much more

Automatic screening of applicants based on company settings

Click here to learn more about Chatfield Global's offerings and benefits for MMA member associations and watch the video for a demo of the Prevue APS Pro Applicant Tracking System.

Need more details? 

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email any time.

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