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Lynda Flayter

An HR Manager for many years with a Fortune 500 company, Lynda has been well trained in both the strategic and operational HR responsibilities within an organization.   Considered a business partner with her senior leaders and middle managers, she has been able to function in multiple roles within the framework of an organization.  She is able to align HR with business strategy and can help set HR priorities for a business.  Lynda is well versed in multiple facets of HR such as;  helping a business save money by reviewing how they manage HR administratively, ensuring that employee commitment and competence remains high, helping businesses manage through change so that they can have a successful transformation, and finally listening and responding to employees.  She sees the importance of being able to master both the operational and strategic areas of processes and people; and when done correctly, knows she can add value to any business.
Lynda obtained a Finance degree from Illinois State University, completed post-graduate level HR coursework from DePaul University and, received multiple training certifications across various HR practice areas; including a PHR from SHRM.

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