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Katie Golub

Having worked as a professional educator for years along with several Fortune 500 companies, Katie evokes superb customer service with her attentive listening capabilities and her ability to communicate clearly and concisely. Her years within education has helped guide her development of planning, organizing and executing a variety of curriculum. She was able to use her interpersonal skills to build and maintain relationships within the community and among several student families. Her years in corporate business allowed Katie to interact with Board of Directors, be exposed to HR policies, be a part of office management, and assist with day to day operations. As a team manager, she trained and lead a small team in order to achieve their sales goals and develop future key performance indicators.

Katie holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism degree from the University of Kansas as well as a Master’s Degree in Education from DePaul University. She is currently taking classes in Human Resources and plans to obtain her SHRM certificate.

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